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Aid for Memorizing Classical Texts

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This module is designed to help memory work by allowing a reader to see a selected passage of literature letter by letter, word by word, line by line, clause by clause, or sentence by sentence. If the text is a poem written in stanzas, like most of Horace's Odes, you may also proceed stanza by stanza. [Add something about paragraphs!] Pressing the '1', '2', or '3' button next to the 'Letter' label will give you 1, 2, or 3 letters, and the same is true for other units. The last bit added, which may be anything from 1 letter to a page or more, will be in blue to help you see just how far you have advanced.

Please note:

  1. A sentence is any number of words up to the next period, question mark, or exclamation point. A clause is any number of words up to the next punctuation mark of any kind. This works better with ancient texts than with modern, where (e.g.) 'U.S.S.R.' will count as four clauses. I hope to improve this part eventually.
  2. If you ask for (e.g.) 'next line' when in the middle of a line, it will go the end of that line.
  3. If you ask for more letters than there are left in a word, you will only get the remaining letters in that word. (Sorry, I spent weeks trying to make that work.)

A little practice will show you how it works.

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